Stockholm Swing All Stars – In The Spirit of Duke Ellington

The Stockholm Swing All Stars have continuously over the years found inspiration in the music of Duke Ellington. This record consists of music by Duke, or music inspired by him, including a couple of original songs. The arrangements are written by the band with its particular members in mind, planting one foot heavily in the jazz tradition, while the other might be flirting under the table.

Boldly but with deep respect for the master, Stockholm Swing All Stars take on Duke’s music. Swinging, cleverly and with great musicality, they show that there are still new approaches to this classic American music.

At the top of the band you hear shooting star Karl Olandersson’s brilliant trumpet and at the bottom the experienced Göran Lind’s solid bass. In between, we find Sweden’s swingingest swing drummer Mattias Puttonen and the constantly innovative and present Daniel Tilling on the piano. Fredrik Lindborg’s magnificent tenor and bass clarinet should not be missed, nor should Klas Lindquist’s elegant alto saxophone and clarinet. Trombonist Dicken Hedrenius is a delight to listen to.

The release will take place at the band’s concert at Konserthuset Stockholm on September 2.

IGCD 220 on Imogena Records

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in the spirit